Zoltan C. Marton

Senior Scientist

Zoltan Csaba Marton is a Senior Scientist for the Open Perception foundation, a member of the PCL development team, and a researcher at the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Zoltan was one of the 3 original developers of the PCL’s precursor at TUM, and is currently working on the next generation of advanced 3D processing algorithms. He has co-/authored over 30 peer-reviewed scientific publications at various journals and conferences, and co-organized several workshops, summer schools and tutorials. His work received more than 500 citations, most of which got integrated in PCL’s surface reconstruction, segmentation, feature extraction and core math modules. Zoltan participated on several important research initiatives at TUM, including the CoTeSys excellence cluster, and was involved in multiple collaborations between research labs across the world. He has supervised and mentored over 10 undergraduate students, and has been a long time mentor for PCL’s Google Summer Of Code program.