Steve Cousins

Director of the board
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As the President and CEO of Willow Garage, Steve Cousins is leading the charge to accelerate the personal robot revolution. He oversees all business aspects at Willow Garage, including development of robot hardware platforms, expansion of the acclaimed open source robot operating system ROS, and the research initiatives to understand the implications of personal robotics. A seasoned executive and entrepreneur, Steve brings a strong track record of bringing innovations to market. Prior to joining Willow Garage, Steve was the senior manager of the User-Focused Systems Research Group at the IBM Almaden Research Center, one of the top human-computer interaction research groups in the world. Earlier, Steve managed the Advanced Systems Development Laboratory at the Xerox PARC. Steve has a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University and a BS and MS from Washington University. A native of Glenview, Illinois, Steve now resides in San Jose with his wife and three sons.