Federico Tombari

Senior Scientist

Federico Tombari is a Senior Scientist for the Open Perception foundation and a member of the PCL development team. Currently he holds an appointment as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Computer Vision Lab, University of Bologna, after obtaining from the same institution a Ph.D in 2009. A former Willow Garage intern, his research activity focuses on computer and robot vision, and it encompasses co-authoring more than 50 refereed papers on peer-reviewed international conferences and journals, mainly focused on 2D/3D object recognition, stereo vision, video analysis for surveillance and efficient indexing. As a PCL developer, he has helped developing and porting several algorithms related to 3D keypoint detection, 3D features, 3D object recognition and stereo matching. He serves as a mentor for PCL code sprints and is also active in dissemination as the organizer of PCL tutorials at conferences.