David Doria

User Experience Consultant
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David Doria is working with Open Perception in two capacities. First, he is working to develop strategic partnerships and opportunities to advance and grow the foundation. Second, he is passionate about and dedicated to reducing the learning curve for software libraries such as PCL. He has worked toward this goal extensively for several years with the VTK and ITK libraries by starting an initiative to collect examples of commonly used functionality. David feels that by allowing easier access to these powerful tools that not only is the state of the science advanced, but also accelerated. The recipient of the 2011 OpenSource.com People’s Choice Award, David has written over 45 articles and technical reports, both in the areas of image processing and computer vision, as well as open source practices and education. In December 2012, David will be leaving Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute after obtaining a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. Much of his Ph.D. research was funded by a Department of Defense fellowship, where his work focused on 3D data analysis, manipulation, and synthesis, particularly from terrestrial LiDAR scanners.

You can find out more about David at his website www.daviddoria.com.