Alexandru E. Ichim


Alexandru E. Ichim is a Point Cloud Library (PCL) maintainer, a Scientist for the Open Perception foundation, and currently a graduate student at EPFL. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in 2011 at Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany, having received the President’s List Award every year for outstanding academic achievements. During his undergraduate studies, he closely worked with the Jacobs Robotics Group, concentrating on 3D perception for AUV/UAV applications. He collaborated with institutions such as the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (Robotics Innovation Center and Cognitive Systems) and the Computer Graphics and Geometry Laboratory at EPFL, where he is currently working as a research assistant. His collaboration with the Point Cloud Library was funded by the Google Summer of Code and Toyota Code Sprint programs. He is one of the core developers of the PCL library, and has helped organize events such as PCL workshops at scientific conferences and code sprints.