Mission statement

Open Perception’s vision is to Empower Computers to Perceive the 3D World Around Them.

We are developing creative and innovative solutions for difficult 3D point cloud perception problems, by working with a global community of research, commercial, and individual contributors, and by making those solutions available to the world through open source software. We value concepts like real-world compatibility, standards compliance, stability, performance, security, portability, usability, and relative use of understanding and modifying the code. Our most important software project is the Point Cloud Library (PCL), a large scale, BSD-licensed open initiative for point cloud processing.

Our solutions are enabling researchers and engineers around the globe to focus less on reinventing the wheel, working on basic tools or algorithmic infrastructure, and spending more time on actual specific product development.

Open Perception carries out its mission by active involvement in:

  • Developing and standardizing foundational technology as open source software.
  • Educating users and community-building in the public and private sectors.
  • Performing and sponsoring research and development projects.
  • Software consultancy, contracting, and technology transfer services.
  • Fostering and inspiring the next generation of perception technologists.

Please visit the About page to find out more about the organization’s goals, objectives, and strategic plan.