2012: a wonderful year

We have had a wonderful last year here at Open Perception, working on very exciting perception problems with a lot of great people. The current list of customers is equally impressive, including the following companies that have been working with us and supporting our efforts:

In the past year we have also taken a more active role in the OpenNI organization, supporting all OpenNI releases for 3D compatible sensors for all Point Cloud Library (PCL) customers. PCL itself grew from a set of tools that one person wrote to support their work to a set of modern C++ libraries, with documentation, unit testing, and regular releases. A community of more than 550 developers and contributors, with many thousands of users, spread across 6 continents, brought together more than 100 million hits on all our combined domains so far, with more than half a million unique visitors. This is just the beginning!

A few weeks ago we have launched a new Jobs section on the PCL website, to help open source developers to get great jobs at companies that appreciate open source development and PCL in general. We received fantastic feedback, and we can only hope to continue adding more and more similar positions as we receive them from companies or institutes that collaborate with us. In addition, Open Perception is also providing a lot of opportunities and short term contracts for 1-6 months long code sprints. Look out for announcements on the main PCL web site, and get in touch with us if you’re interested!

2012 was a wonderful year, but 2013 is going to be even better. We have big plans, so stay tuned! Thanks to all our collaborators for their support!